Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Homestretch of January

Well, we are winding down the month of January, which means the worst of winter is over. At least in my mind. Sure we might have some more snow here and there - maybe even a March blizzard or two as in '93 - but for the most part, those long spells of frigid temperatures are behind us.

A cause for celebration.
Speaking of causes for celebration, we would like to congratulate Mystic Grange of Chesterfield, NJ, the new owners of Lone Pine Farm Raven! You can see his picture on the sales page of our website. We are so happy he has gone to such a wonderful new home!

As for us, we are keep an ever watchful eye on the ever growing bellies of our girls. It is so easy to see with some of them, and with others we never know they are going to have kids until they actually hit the ground. At any rate, we can use every spare minute between now and then getting ready for the big day(s). Just when I think I have everything ready, I will remember that I need to order something or other and it's back to checking lists, wringing hands and many nights where sleep comes in 2 hour intervals.

And yet we do it again every year. Go figure.

In other animal news, I took some time to play with the horses the other afternoon, enjoying the sun and the relatively dry ground. The Handsome Boys were having a great time chasing me around the paddock, kicking the air and snorting like they Really Mean Business. They are so goofy when they're feeling playful. When we all ... ok, when I finally got tired, I brushed them down a bit and noticed Dozer had a cut right at the top of one of his hooves. It didn't look too bad but it was still bad enough to warrant washing, medicating, and dressing. He was a very good patient and stood nice and still while I examined the wound.

Let me just tell you, having a horse's hoof mere inches from one's face is...well...scary. But it's one of those things where you can't let yourself be scared until later because you don't want your 1,000 pound patient to sense your nervousness and get spooked when his foot is that close to your head.

But we both kept our collective cool and the foot seems to be coming along nicely.

The end of January also means the arrival of various seed catalogs in my mail box. Which is nice because they effectively neutralize the dour mood that comes with the various income tax mailings. Seed catalog - yay! W-2 form -Boo. Seed catalog - Yay! Important Tax Information Enclosed - Boo. Seed catalog...and so on. I tell you, picking up the mail is a veritable emotional roller coaster.

So I must slowly gather my paperwork - and determination - and begin the Great Income Taxathon. If I could just lock myself in a room for a week - with a 5 pound bag of Sumatra coffee beans, grinder and Mr. Coffee - I'm sure I could accomplish great things. But as it is, there is always so much else going on at this time of year, pulling my attention away. DON'T THEY KNOW WE HAVE BABY GOATS ON THE WAY?????!!!!!

But alas, this is the Homestretch of January.

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