Saturday, April 10, 2010

Three To Go!

All but three of the does have kidded and it seems the maternity pen is teeming with kids.

After Ginger had her twin bucks, Maggie followed up with twin does.

That is Cashew on the left and Flitch on the right.

Rhubarb was next to go, breaking her buck streak by giving us our first angora doe born on Lone Pine Farm!

We decided to name her Flea since she is small, black, and hops around a lot. But that adorable little girl is fast becoming not-so-little anymore. She is really growing in leaps and bounds - literally!
Not to be outdone on the Cute-O- Meter, Gyra followed up with a beautiful buck kid.

Yukon weighed in at an astounding 10 pounds at birth! Having all of mama's milk to himself, he is really turning into a tank.

Our last lady to go was Milan, who delighted us with another angora doe and a buck as well!

Sweet Pea is a cream colored doe and Squash is a copper colored buck with some small white spots. Even though they were the latest to arrive to the party, they are finding their way and running with the big kids.
That leaves us with three mothers-to-be, all due in the last 10 days of April. Once all the babies are on the ground, we will start to make decisions about which ones we will keep to expand our herd and which ones will be offered for sale.

In the midst of all this excitement, we somehow found time to make remarkable progress on some of our projects. We have the root cellar just about ready for its new roof, our new well tank has arrived and will be installed soon, the angoras are getting sheared, and we are setting posts for the next goat pens. The weather has been very kind and cooperative, giving us some beautiful warm days to enjoy and then cooling down again to normal temperatures. That little taste of summer was nice but, to be honest, it is much easier to do the outside work with the cooler days we are presently enjoying.

The dog days will be here soon enough!