Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Thank you, Mr. Petty, for putting goat farming to song.

I was hoping - HOPING!!! - to be posting picutes of adorable little kids about now. But alas, the does are holding out on me.

However, since I have to leave to pick my son up at the airport later today, chances are that is when the first babies will arrive. Because goats are like that. Inconsiderate critters, they are.

In the mean time, Marc and I have been keeping busy reclaiming the old root cellar from Mother Nature. We just about have the top cleared off from the growth that overtook it. Ultimately, we are hoping to build a greenhouse there, but for now we'll be happy to get it covered and save the building from the elements.

We are also working on planning out some pastures that we will hopefully be able to rotate the goats and horses through. Any little bit to save on the feed bill is a big plus.

So, for now, no exciting news about sweet little babies. But soon...


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